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Everyone needs advice sometimes - not that it is always easy to take of course! Often the best person to offer advice is someone who understands but is slightly removed from the situation and who can look at the problem from a different angle..

Practical, impartial advice based on experience and understanding - what's not to like?

We have all been working in the walking business for many years and between us we have a range of complementary skills and experiences. We've worked in the public sector so we understand the structures and constraints that many of you work in but we are completely independent. We're not working to any agenda other than our aim to do everything we can to increase the amount of walking people do and the amount of enjoyment they get from it. We also bring practicality - we are primarily a delivery organisation so when we offer advice we always make sure it is practical and deliverable. If we can't see a way to do it, we won't suggest it!

We provide advice on a range of walking related subjects to a wide range of organisations.  We advised the Olympic Delivery Authority on encouraging walking to the Games venues and Transport for London on walking policy.  In the past we have advised government agencies on marketing National Trails and on how to measure the impact of the marketing.  We have advised national and local organisations on accessibility, waymarking and policy development.

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