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Delivery - not as in delivering boxes of leaflets to your door (although we do that as well) but as in delivery of projects - making things happen. This is what we are all about. We have real passion for what we do and we want to see things happen - we don't just talk about walking, we get stuck in and deliver. 

If you just want a report to sit on a shelf you've come to the wrong place. If you want a real project that will make a difference - hello!

Whatever your project we will put a team on it that includes the best in the business - we always match the skills of our staff and associates with the needs of the project. 

We deliver a wide range of projects, from the nine year long multi-million pound Walk London project to one-off training days. We've included some of the projects we're most of proud of, and some of the ones we've enjoyed the most on this website - but there really are too many to list them all. 

In summary:

  • We deliver practical projects, including route management, monitoring and auditing. We even employ route managers if we think that's the best way to get the job done;
  • We design and carry out surveys and we can design monitoring systems and arrange for the kit to be installed. We'll even analyse and report on the data for you;
  • We do accessibility audits and provide costed recommendations for improvements;
  • We design websites. We employ an expert in web navigation (a much misunderstood skill) to make sure all the websites we build are easy and enjoyable to use;
  • We design and distribute promotional printed material;
  • We design and create accessible, and actually rather lovely, walking maps;
  • We work with many charities to help them encourage people to walk more to benefit their health; and then...
  • ...we go for a walk!

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