Green Exercise

"We all know exercise and walking makes us feel better, this project is all about proving it."

The Green Exercise Project is a joint project involving The Conservation Volunteers, Mind and Walk Unlimited. It's a pilot project aimed at demonstrating the value of exercise and walking for mental health. It's aimed at people who are at increased risk of developing mental health problems, and encourages them to join a conservation task, come on a led walk, and walk more using new maps.

The project is funded through a Dept of Health innovation grant, and is being run in three locations. The challenge for the project team is how to bring together three very different organisations, in geographically dispersed locations (Norwich, Doncaster and Hastings). Fortunately all three organisations are totally committed to making it happen, and to being able to demonstrate its success.

We are leading on encouraging led walks and independent walking, and tying this into the conservation activity. 


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The project website was developed by Walk Unlimited. It was designed to be a low cost way to provide the public with information about the project, and how they can get involved.

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5 new walking maps are being created by Walk Unlimited for each of the project areas. The maps highlight places to walk close to where the project's target audience live.

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We are responsible for training the volunteer Ambassadors who are key to the success of the project.

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Walking Groups

We have created 3 walking groups on the Walk4Life website that can be used as a communication hub for the walking groups.