Maps for Print

Maps for Print

We produce a range of maps illustrating walking routes. The details vary but the maps are always clear, easy to read and easy to use. One of our favourite products is a map showing short, attractive local walks based around a central point, for example a GP practice. The maps are printed and bound into pads which the GP can 'prescribe' to patients that need to take more exercise. You can see examples of them here 

We love maps but we realise that not everyone shares our passion.

Our aim is to provide people with good quality information so that they have the confidence to walk more and good maps can really help. We know how to draw them so that people can read them. For example we know that using key features to aid navigation can make a big difference - which is why our 3D maps have key buildings drawn in extra detail.

We have produced maps ranging in size from tiny folded maps to huge poster-sized maps. We will work with you to establish exactly what will work, addressing the base map (OS, 3D, open source or hand drawn), the presentation (flat, folded, large, small, tear-off pads) and whether a map is actually the right option. Have you considered photo guides or audio guides?

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