Online Maps

Online Maps

More and more maps are being used online and we're sure the trend will continue. It's obvious really - your smart phone can not only give you access to many more miles of map that you could possibly carry but it can also show you where you are. Most of us will have used websites such as Google or Bing maps to check out where a place is and they are great - but as walking maps they have a big failing - no public rights of way!

It's wonderful to see OS maps on a website. I love following the footpaths to see where they go.

We work with the best possible online maps - OS maps, to provide the online mapping for and for National Trails 

We took the decision to use OS maps because they are the best for walkers - they show rights of way and footpaths which simply don't appear on many other online maps. 

We'll work with you to ensure that you have the most appropriate online mapping - whether that is OS, open source or your own map base. Whatever works best for you we can make it work online. If we have to we'll create an individual map just for you!

If your website needs a walk finder you can get the walk finder widget and not worry about mapping at all. 

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