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Information, information, information. We all need it but it's sometimes just so hard to get hold of. We all know that walking is great and there is lots of evidence to prove it. What is harder to prove is that investment in walking projects actually makes a difference and it is only when you can prove that what you are doing works that you can get hold of more money to do more.

How many people are using the path? What needs to be done to make it accessible? Was it worth the money we spent?

We don't like to shout about it but some of us really love data - we feel excited at the thought of building a new database or designing a new survey. 

We’ve advised the Countryside Agency and the National Trust for Scotland on monitoring; measured the impact of windfarm development on recreational walking; designed and run surveys on barriers to walking for local authorities who have then used the results to bid for funding; and undertaken accessibility audits all over the place.

We can help you work out what you need to know and then work out how to get it. So if you know you need data but can't even start to think about how to get it - give us a call.



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