Sometimes the best way to reach people is to get them all into one place. You could organise an event, or if that isn’t practical you could have a presence at an event that someone else is running. That could be as big as a walking festival or as small as a single led walk.

Do it yourself or ask us to help - don't be daunted by the thought of running an event.

We're not an event management company but we do know about running walking events (for big events we bring in outside expertise from a specialist events management company). We run guided walks for Walk London three times per year, usually this involves at least 40 walks over the weekend with thousands of people attending. We have run professional networking events and many celebratory events to mark the completion of projects - if your project needs an event or if you just have a one-off walking event to organise you can be confident to leave it to us.

Alternatively, if you fancy doing it yourself that's ok too - we have written guidance on running events that should help. Visit the Downloads page and look for 'How to Organise a Walking Event'.

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