Before web and social media, print was the main way to promote your work to the public and of course it still has its place. As with all promotion, print needs to be carefully targeted and cleverly designed. Print is a good way to reach new audiences - you can put your leaflets, postcards or flyers in places where your target groups will be and some of them will be picked up by people who would otherwise never have heard of you. Of course not everyone will pick them up and not all of those that do will act on them. You can improve the pick-up rate by good planning and design but you will still need to think about distribution and storage. When those beautiful leaflets arrive back from the printers where are you going to put them? 

There's nothing more exciting than opening the first box of your lovely leaflets fresh from the printer!

We've been designing and producing print for years. We have produced over 70 different leaflets promoting and providing information for Transport for London. This has been reduced over the years as more and more information is provided online and via other means, such as audio guides. We have produced a different leaflet for each of TfL's strategic walks and a rather lovely set of completion certificates for the dedicated walkers who complete a walk. We distributed the leaflets in various ways - we used a London based company who place them in all the major outlets; we mailed out bulk supplies on request and individual leaflets could be ordered by calling the Walk London information line.  

We have created a series of leaflets for Wokingham Borough Council to encourage people in Wokingham to walk more. The leaflets include a local map identifying safe and accessible walking routes to popular places in the town. 

If you are considering print to promote your walking project we will be happy to offer you our advice and if you need it we can help you design your leaflet, manage the print process and arrange storage and distribution.

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