It may seem strange that one of Walk Unlimited’s offerings is to create a website for you? On the one hand we are actively encouraging people to get out into the world and walk and on the other it seems we are producing work that encourages people to sit down in front of a screen!

Before setting out I like to know where I'm going and how long it'll take.

But of course we all want to get the most out of our walking. The majority of people now have access to the Internet and so want prior knowledge of where they are going and what’s on offer. They may want to see the route in detail before they set off, they may want to know what interesting places to take in whilst walking in a particular area or to record their own walking activity.

The Walk Unlimited team have produced websites to encourage walking, inform walkers and evaluate walking behaviour for over 12 years. We are able to take complex content and data and transform it into a delivery format that is easy to understand and simple to navigate.

We excel in creating websites that engage the user so they come back time and time again. We encourage interactivity and user generated content so people commit to the project in the way you want them to.

Some of the key projects and the elements of functionality that we have delivered can be seen here:


  • Implementation of Ordnance Survey Open Space Pro
  • User generated content
  • Evaluation reports generated to partners that analyse route usage
  • Profile creation and tracking of users walking behaviour

Visit the Walk4Life website

Walk London

  • Interactive map of London showing key walks
  • Route information split into manageable sections
  • User generated content in the form of visitor books and image galleries
  • Route directions and leaflet downloads

Visit the Walk London website

Walk Finder

Looking for somewhere to walk? With thousands of walks there must be one for you.

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