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Everyone loves a well managed route or greenspace but there's more to it than putting up a few waymarkers...

There are three main areas of work involved in managing a route or network of routes - providing information, managing the route on the ground and measuring use. We do it all but here's where we talk about the middle bit - the bit where your hands get dirty. 

There's more to managing a route than putting up a few waymarkers...

We managed London's top seven walking routes for ten years. We know what is involved and we have certainly got our hands dirty. We believe that routes should be managed to provide the best quality experience to the public and we can help with that, whatever the budget or the constraints of the terrain or habitat.

We'd recommend starting by setting standards so you know what you'd like to achieve. Then audit the route against the standards and see what needs to be done. From here you need to work out the best strategy to deliver the necessary improvements, whether by employing a route manager or project officer, engaging an outside company, working with existing staff or volunteers or in partnership with another organisation.

The choice of management options can be daunting but we can provide advice to help you work out the best option - which won't always be to ask us to do it (although sometimes it is less expensive to outsource route management). If we are contracted to manage routes we will provide you with a named route manager. They will arrange all improvement works, secure landowner agreements or other permissions where necessary, keep records of what has been achieved and report back to you on a regular basis. 

We want to ensure that people enjoy walking and that means working to ensure the routes provide as good an experience as possible. We know that isn't easy but we also know it can be done.

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