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Does the thought of going on a training course make your heart sink? Hours of sitting in a hot stuffy room watching boring powerpoint slides trying desperately not to go to sleep? If so, you are not alone - we feel the same, which is why our training courses aren't like that! 

"The best part of the day was the contagious enthusiasm of the trainer."

We learn best when we are happy and when we are being challenged. We can probably all remember being puzzled by something as a child - and probably can still remember the problem. We use this philosophy in our training. We ask questions to get you thinking, we set challenges and we offer hands-on experiences. We also use newspaper, pens, post-its and all sorts of materials to make it interesting. We even provide homemade cakes if you're really lucky!

We work with a small group of experienced trainers and facilitators. We will bring in the trainer that is most relevant to you - either the one the one with the most relevant experience or the one that lives closest. Whichever it is you can be sure they'll prepare a fun and interesting day - and you won't get chance to fall asleep! 


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