If you want to know where to walk - visit www.walk4life.info

The Walk4Life website was created to provide easy access to walking information to encourage people to walk more. It is designed to be easy to use so that everyone can enjoy finding walks and recording their activity. 

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Track Your Progress

How far do you walk in a week? It might be further than you think. The 'track your progress' area of the website allows you to find out. 

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Visit Our Groups

If you like walking with a group you can use the website as your group's virtual notice board. 

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Take A Challenge

Some of us simply love a challenge - and for many people a challenge provides the incentive they need to walk more.

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Find An Event

Many people enjoy walking with a group and there are lots of guided walks all over the country. The difficulty can be knowing how to find them. 

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Find A Walk Widget

We know that many of you would love a walk finder on your own website so we created one. It can be added to any website, and - hey presto - your own walkfinder!

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Create Your Walk

One of the best features of the Walk4Life website is the ability to draw your own walk and even better, see how long it is.